A Large Operation:

St. Michael’s Laundry can wash 800 pounds of laundry per hour in four of its machines alone. The laundry staff washes between 20,000 and 30,000 pieces of clothing every week!

St. Michael’s houses state-of-the-art facilities for washing; drycleaning; commercial cleaning for hotel bed, bath, and table linens; departmental cleaning of bed, bath and table linens; tailoring; and uniform rentals.

There are:

  • four 200 pound washing machines
  • three 65 pound washing machines
  • two 35 pound washing machines
  • one 95 pound washing machine
  • one normal household washing machine for delicates

Our computer system has the most up-to-date tracking capabilities so that we know precisely where each customer’s laundry is at any given moment.

On an intricate rail system high above the employees’ heads, large bags of laundry move easily toward loading into large-capacity washing machines and dryers.

The facility does more than 2 million pounds of laundry a year!

Our on-campus site is located at the corner of Holy Cross Drive and Sorin Court. It shares the building with the Sara Bea Students with Disabilities Department. It is still the spot for on-campus drops of laundry for any University community member, but the bulk of St. Michael’s 44 full-time employees remains within the building near the Notre Dame Federal Credit Union.

Did you know?

In 1989, fire destoyed the laundry building, then housed on Holy Cross Drive near Lewis Hall. For two years, the laundry operated out of St. Joseph Medical Center, using the hospital’s equipment during the second shift. When the new facility opened in 1991, its new equipment was assembly-line efficient, which makes us the laundry powerhouse we are today!

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