Uniform Rentals/Purchases and Customized Apparel



St. Michael’s Laundry will work very hard to meet or beat your current budget (and your funds stay within the University to promote University growth!).


Uniform Rentals

Employees participating in the Uniform program will be assigned 11* sets of uniforms

  • 5 sets ( one for each day of the work week)
  • 5 sets ( being cleaned each week)
  • +1 currently being worn

* Quantity of uniforms may vary by position held

A St. Michael's Laundry driver will come weekly to pick-up dirty, and drop off your cleaned uniforms from the previous week

Uniform rental items will be repaired or replaced when necessary.


Uniform Purcahses and Customized Apparel 

Although St. Michael's is known for providing uniforms to different departments on campus, we also have the ability to order garments for almost any occasion. We work very hard to meet or beat your current budget and your funds stay within the University's mission. We are able to purchase and embroider, or screen print, any garment you might be looking for.

Please pick up the phone and give us a call.


Contact Info

Jeff Rogers