St. Michael’s Laundry strives to exceed expectations for quality and service on behalf of the Notre Dame family and local community, all the while supporting the University's core values.


To obtain sustainable growth through innovative services, staff development, adherence to premier industry standards, and commitment to continuous improvement.

Th Dli Squares

We are a large operation!

St. Michael's Laundry can wash 950 pounds of laundry per hour in four of its washing machines alone.  The laundry staff washes between 30,000 and 40,000 pieces of clothing every week!

St. Michael's houses state-of-the-art facilities for washing, drycleaning, commercial cleaning for hotel bed, bath, and table linens; departmental cleaning of bed, bath, and table linens; tailoring, uniform rentals, and purchases.


There are:
  • two 275 pound washing machines
  • two 200 pound washing machines
  • two 90 pound washing machines
  • two 60 pound washing machines
  • two 40 pound washing machines


Our computer system is integrated with camera recording for the most up-to-date tracking capabilities so that we know precisely where each customer's laundry is at any given moment.
On an intricate rail system high above the employees' heads, large bags of laundry move easily throughout the plant toward loading into large-capacity washing machines and dryers.
The facility does more than 2.75 million pounds of laundry a year.