Our Team


Top three reasons to work at St. Michael's Laundry

  1. St. Michael's Laundry provides a high-functioning work environment, with professional development opportunities, excellent benefits, and recognition for a job well done.
  2. St. Michael's employs a dynamic and diverse mix of staff who work proactively to ensure that the University is a special place to work.
  3. Laundry services are needed no matter what the economy is doing, making our industry very stable.

Meet Some Team Members


Steven Vigue

Washer Operator, 4 months

“I am excited to be part of the Notre Dame family.  I started out as an on-call employee and was recently hired in as a full-time large washer operator – a washer you can go swimming in.  The many educational benefits offered to myself and my daughter really motivate me to excel here.  I am looking forward to my experience here and what it will bring.”


Shannen McKaskle

  • Started as a Guest Service Associate at the Morris Inn (1989)
  • Promoted to Reservation Sales Manager (2000)
  • Promoted to Rooms Manager (2006)
  • Joined the Saint Michael's Laundry Team as Laundry Manager (2016) 

"I am honored to be included in the St. Michael's Laundry family.  I am proud to work for the University of Notre Dame.  It is a special place.  I love driving to work and seeing the glistening Golden Dome.  It is a great way to start my day."