Wedding/Christening Gown Cleaning & Preservation

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A wedding gown, christening garment or vintage piece is symbolic of a very precious day in the life of its owner.  We treat both the item and customer with extreme care.


  • Our Heirlooming process cleans to ensure a like-new condition using the most gentle of all cleaning solvents, detergents, sizing and stain removal agents.
  • Properly protects against oxidation, moisture and insects.
  • Available for wedding, christening gowns, doll clothing and vintage garments.
  • Part of our Heirlooming process includes removing trim (before cleaning) and replacing trim after cleaning (if applicable) to ensure its life and original beauty.  All beads and trims are tested for serviceability.

Use of acid free in packaging

  • Acid free tissue traps the dust and keeps it away from the textile.
  • All accessory items are individually wrapped in acid-free tissue for added protection – the use of plastic keeps moisture trapped and emits fumes which can yellow the gown. 
  • Gloves are included to reposition the garment along new lines to prevent the fabric from “breaking” along crease lines and creating permanent damage. Repositioning should be done every two to three years.

What we offer

  • The latest in cleaning technology.  All gowns done on premises.
  • Unlimited time and care provided by our fabricare specialists.
  • Careful inspection for spots, tears or other problems requiring our immediate attention.
  • Experienced finishers to properly press and gently steam delicate fabrics.
  • The safest methods of packaging for preservation of the garment allowing the fabric to breathe – use of acid-free tissue to protect the garment from sunlight and dust.


  • A process used to restore the garment back to its original condition as much as possible.
  • The specialist will inspect the gown for any stains.  At that point, he/she will determine the fiber content, the fabric weave, and the durability of the trim.
  • The tensile strength or weakness will be determined (to the best of our ability) before any process is started. The age and care of the garment and past storage will directly affect the outcome.
  • The safest method for whitening and stain removal will be determined.  Any risks will be discussed with the customer in detail.  Risks include (but not limited to) fabric damage, dye loss, dye bleeding, fabric distortion and/or shrinkage.
  • Store in a cool, dry, dark place.  Never store in a hot attic or a damp basement.  Proper storage is essential for the protection of your valued heirloom.

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