Student Laundry Plans

Student With Laundry

St. Michael’s Laundry has two convenient locations to serve you. Our campus location is at the corner of Sorin Court and Holy Cross Drive. Our main plant is located behind the Notre Dame Federal Credit Union.

The specialized personal laundry bundle service is offered exclusively to current Notre Dame students.

With the Laundry Bundle Plan – It’s in the Bag!

When you sign up for the Laundry Bundle Plan, you simply fill your laundry bag with machine-washable items and St. Michael’s Laundry does the rest.

We pick up your laundry at your residence hall on the specified day and return it two working days later. It’s that simple. With our sophisticated new bar code ID system, your laundry bag is tagged with your electronic account ID the first time it’s picked up from your residence hall. Your items are monitored electronically from arrival to distribution. Your laundry is sorted, washed, dried, folded, and best of all—enrolling saves you $6.27 per bundle (over non-member price)!

*Students who do not choose to enroll may still use the bundle service for a minimum charge of $22.45 per bundle (up to 20 pounds – $1.50/lb. over). *

St. Michael’s is also your full service “on-campus” cleaner

  • Professional drycleaning service
  • Professional laundry service for items that need to be pressed and returned on hangers
  • Full service tailor shop service – personal fittings available
  • Same day service available – Bring your garments in by 10 a.m. – they will be ready by 5:30 p.m.
  • We accept cash, most major credit cards, and can charge your student account
  • See “Monthly Specials” tab for monthly specials/coupons

What you get with the Laundry Bundle Plan:

  • Trained laundry professionals to sort, wash, dry, fold, and package your clothing and linens.
  • Weekly pick up from and delivery back to your residence hall.
  • Electronic monitoring of all laundry items with one sophisticated bar code tag – no need to individually ID each item.

How your Laundry Bundle Plan works:

Sign-up for your Laundry Bundle Plan at our online store

It’s easy: your money is deposited and you begin with a starting balance of $250 (per semester) using a major credit card or select “Bill My Student Account.”

A fee of $15.62 per bundle (up to 20 pounds) will be deducted from your laundry account. Should you exceed your balance, your student account will be charged for each additional bundle. All bundles over 20 lbs. will be charged $1.50 for each additional pound. *Enrolling saves you $6.83 per bundle (over the non-member price)! *

As an added BONUS:

  • Specialty services charges can be applied to your Laundry Bundle Plan
  • Drycleaning services can be applied to your Laundry Bundle Plan
  • Tailoring services can be applied to your Laundry Bundle Plan
  • Over-the-counter laundry services for items requiring special attention can be applied to your Laundry Bundle Plan

Important: allotment balances are not carried over from semester to semester – remaining balances are deleted at the end of each semester!

Please note: Only machine washable garments will be processed through the bundle service. The inability to process some articles of clothing, such as pantyhose or any garment of delicate material, prohibits the acceptance of such items. Garments not suitable for machine wash will be returned UNWASHED. Students may only put their own clothing in their laundry bag.

Laundry Bags

You will need at least one laundry bag from St. Michael’s. Bags may be purchased for $7.00 each ($7.40 including 7% Indiana sales tax). This purchase can be made on line using the ND Marketplace or in person at either the laundry distribution center on campus or the main plant behind the Notre Dame Federal Credit Union. (Note: A laundry plan is not necessary in order to use any laundry service.)

You can check out your residence hall pickup and delivery back schedule when you sign up at the on line store