St. Michael’s Laundry Now Offers 24-Hour Drop-Off


Convenient, time-saving, cost effective, and eco-friendly. For busy people, what is not to like about two new laundry kiosks providing 24-hour drop-off service at St. Michael’s Laundry? Installed at both the Main Plant located off Juniper Road and the Laundry Distribution Center located on campus adjacent to the A-15 parking lot, the secure, locked boxes are available to faculty, staff and students.

To begin service, it is necessary to register at either location, at which time customers will be given a gray, personalized bag. Registration will be used primarily for e-mail notification of laundry updates or questions related to dropped-off garments. Same day service is available upon request via a note visible as soon as the bag is opened. The Laundry will follow care instructions noted on clothing labels unless a visible note is left in the bag requesting other treatment.

While students are welcome to register for the new drop-off laundry and dry cleaning service and receive their personalized bag, it is important to note that no student bundles are to be placed in the kiosks. Bar coded student wash/dry bundles will continue to be handled as they have been in the past.

For more information, call 631-7422 (Main Plant) or 631-7565 (Distribution Center).